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The ABC Bible Study Method

This particular study of the Bible offers two goals: to foster a love for and a familiarity with the Word of God and to help the reader develop a habit of prayer centered on individual and/or group Bible Study. We present the latest theological research on the Bible and make personal application of the Bible to the challenges, crises, and joys that we Christians face today.

It is important not to misunderstand the word "study." Just as reading the Bible is not merely an intellectual exercise, -neither is working with The ABC Bible Study. This study contains food for the mind and the heart. It is intended as a way to open its participants to the reality of the presence of God in Scripture, in themselves and in others. It includes time for prayer, reflection and time for discussion. It will increase our understanding of Jesus.


Jesus is our Lord and Savior. We are united with Him whenever we read the Bible. He is the one we lean on. When we lean on Jesus, we are strong. We are "Living stones" (1Peter 2:3).


When we fail to lean on Him, we crumble. Jesus is "A tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of sure foundation" (Isaiah 28:16).


We are "fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone in whom the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord in whom you also are built into it for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:19-22)


We are united with those who have gone before us. The apostles and prophets built their lives upon Him and so have we. We are "all joined together." Our unique lives and missions go toward building up God's holy temple. We too are dwelling places of "God in the Spirit." Studying the Bible makes this a reality evident to us every day.


We have chosen to accept Jesus as our Lord in this Bible study. We know that if we rely on His strength and sure foundation, our lives will have meaning and purpose. This Bible Series seeks to enrich our understanding of Scripture.


The ABC Method- How to use this Series

The method to be followed in this study can be summarized as follows:


Suggested Individual Scripture Study Format

  • Individuals can use this Bible Study if a group or community is not available. A person can use this series when alone or on a retreat. Each person can read a small passage of Scripture each day. Then they can read the commentary and the questions in each section. In this way a habit of prayerful reading of the Bible will develop.
  • The time, place, and atmosphere for this study and prayer are important and will vary according to the individual. Find a prayer place and a time of prayer that suites your schedule. We are always blessed when we find time for the Lord. After all, what is more important than spending time with God?
  • The purpose of this series is to familiarize the reader with the exact words of Scripture so that these words can be applied to each person's life today. How do you know that this is working? When we begin to look forward to Bible reading and see that our days and attitudes are more peaceful and focused, then we know that Jesus is working more deeply and intimately in our lives.

Suggested Group Meetings Format

  • The group may meet once a week or as the group chooses.
  • Begin with music and prayer.
  • The chosen passage of Scripture to be shared may be read out loud.
  • Then the facilitator may ask for any insights gained from the reading. We know we are the people of God whenever two or three are gathered together. By opening ourselves to the presence of God in a group, we truly become the people of God.
  • After the community has settled in and become aware of the presence of God in each member, the group may remain together or it can be divided into small groups.
  • These groups can review the written answers to the questions in the book. Here we move from a one-to-one relationship with God to a public dimension of God. Here we see the Lord alive and active in the lives of those around us. God nourishes us through others.
  • Close with prayer/ music.


This Bible Study is intended for all with thirst for Scripture. It is easily adapted to any group or time line:
It can be studied in your time frame.

  • Some groups prefer to read the Commentary and answer the questions as a group.
  • Some groups want to answer the questions as the main focus.
  • Some groups prefer to take 8 or even more weeks to study and pray the Scripture. Do whatever you like. After all, Scripture is God's gift to us. We have different prayer styles time periods.


The intent here is to uncover the richness and variety of ways that the written Word of God can touch our hearts and minds in the modern world. The Bible will touch each one of us differently and in this way, God shows us the infinite depths of the Bible.


To learn what the Bible books meant when they were written and how they apply to our lives today is truly God’s gift to us. The Bible that is cited in this study is the ecumenical edition of the Revised Standard Version. But the group is free to use any Bible.


Although a Catholic has written these Commentaries, the ABC Series is intended as an ecumenical study. People of all faiths are welcome to read and pray with us.


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