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Abiding Bible Compainon - a tool to help you understand God and His Word

Description of Series

We are proud to offer this new Bible Study to all those hungry for more of the Word of God. In recent years many Christians have increased their study of Scripture and the more they study, the more they hunger for the many riches in the Word of God. Every Abiding Bible Companion Bible Study delves deeper into the awesome messages left us by the Bible authors.

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for
welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then
you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear
you. You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all
heart. I will be found by you, says the Lord"(Jeremiah 29:11-14).


In The Abiding Bible Companion Scripture Study, we attempt to discover God's plans for us individually and communally. God's plans for our families, churches, country and world have a divine harmony in them when we are all living in the love of God and neighbor. God's plans are not to destroy us, but to give us a future filled with hope. We can come to know God's plans for us. This takes time, prayer, silence and the reading of Scripture.


This particular study of the Bible offers two goals: to foster a love for and a familiarity with the Word of God, and to help the reader develop a habit of prayer centered on individual and group Scripture study. The ABC Bible Study presents the latest theological research on the Bible. It makes a personal application of the Word of God to the challenges, crises, and joys, which we, as Christians, face today. It is important not to misunderstand the word "study".


Just as reading the Bible is not merely an intellectual exercise, neither is participating in this Bible study. This study contains food for the mind and the heart. It is intended as a way to open its participants to the reality of the presence of God in Scripture and in themselves and others. It includes time for prayer and time for discussion. It will increase our understanding of the heart and mind of God and will thus deepen our love for God.


Although a Catholic wrote this Bible Study, it is intended as an ecumenical study. People of all faiths are welcome to read and pray with us for Scripture is God's Word to us all. It beckons us to come to God and find rest for our weary souls. God will shepherd us, whether we are lost, strayed, crippled, weak, or strong.

"I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep, and I will make them
lie down, says the Lord God. I will seek the lost, and I will bring
back the strayed, and I will bind up the crippled, and I will strengthen
the weak, and the fat and the strong I will watch over" (Ezekiel 4:15-16).

We who participate in The Abiding Bible Companion Series take the words of Scripture very seriously. They are the very words of God. We believe that these words have a deep and abiding meaning for us today, just as they had for the very first people who read them.


When we read Scripture we come in touch with the thoughts and mind of God. The authors of every book of Scripture were inspired by God to write God's message, which they have passed on to all generations. The readers of yesteryear and today are to listen to the Word of God and not ignore what they hear. They are to be "doers" of the Word.


Judaism and Christianity are action faiths, not intellectual philosophies. We do not let the Word of God go in one ear and out the other. Instead, we break open the Word of God. We examine the origin of words and the historical meaning of ideas. These are the very roots of our faith and religion. Our faith is a lived faith. We hear the words of God digest and absorb them into our very being and we act them out in our homes, churches, neighborhoods and world.


When the Scriptures are heard, there must be a response. Scripture has words that guide us in all our relationships, trials, joys and sorrows. Scripture gives real answers and real guidelines to all we say and do. It tells us how to act, think, speak and change. It is exciting to study Scripture. It is God's gift to us, and the more carefully we study Scripture, the more clearly we are able to understand and obey the mind of God.


Our study of Scripture is a prayer. It lifts our hearts and minds to God, who has reached down to speak directly to us. Scripture gives us an understanding of what God wants from us and what God does not want. Reading Scripture word for word helps us to develop a habit of prayer. As we understand the words of God, we develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus. Jesus gives us His Spirit every day and leads us to God our Creator.


The Word "Abiding" refers to God's constant, long lasting presence in the Word and in us. The Bible is the inspired Word of God as meaningful today, as it was when it was first written. This Series is a "Companion" to all who want to know more about the Bible and its living message today. The word "Companion" means someone you break bread with. Just as the disciples and apostles of the early Church broke bread with Jesus, we today can break bread with Him and each other as we read and pray the Scriptures.


How is The ABC Bible Study different from other studies?

  • This is a word by word commentary on each book of the Series.
  • Sources in the Hebrew Scriptures used by the Christian authors are explained for application today.
  • The reader experiences life in Biblical Times.
  • It applies the inspired teachings of each book to our lives today.
  • This is intended for large or small groups or individuals.
  • It opens the heart of readers, not only the mind.
  • It is intended for interfaith use and promotes interfaith dialogue.
  • Questions within each section can be used according to your time frame.
  • Finally, prayers are interspersed throughout the Commentary. Let them lead you into your own prayers.



Dr Vinson Synan is the Dean of Regent University's School of Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"The Abiding Bible Companion is not just another academic study of Scripture. Rather it combines study with openness to the Holy Spirit. I encourage the use of this program for groups of all sizes."

Deacon Dennis Chitwood, Former Director of the St Louis Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He is the Liaison to Archbishop Rigali. For more about Dennis Chitwood


"The Abiding Bible Companion is a great vehicle for parish groups, home groups or individuals to study Sacred Scripture. We in the Charismatic Renewal have longed for a Bible Study such as this."

Bishop Edward O'Donnell of Lafayette, LA
"I was pleased with the work done on the ABC Series and am delighted to see that it serves the people of the Church. I am sure that its continued use will bear fruit and be a matter of grace to those who can use it. Nothing is more important than the Word of God, except perhaps understanding the Word of God correctly and in conformity with the Church doctrine. That is what this new series tries to accomplish."