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Abiding Bible Companion's Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy:

Many of our readers are not computer savvy, but still want to read and understand the Bible better, and cultivate a deep relationship with God. Therefore, we have decided not to employ complicated Digital Rights Management (DRM) constraints on the CD's or eBooks we sell. This means you can easily violate our copyright policy. However, we are asking you not to. So if you are buying materials for an entire class, will you please buy one copy for each student.

For those who CAN NOT afford our materials:

At Abiding Bible Companion we recognize that there are some people who for genuine reasons are unable to purchase any of our materials. We do not wish to discriminate against the poor, people on minimum wage; currently suffering financial hardship; or missionaries or other people in other nations needing encouragement and development.


So if you find yourself in circumstances that do not allow you to purchase Abiding Bible Companion's material please EMAIL US and let us know about it. We will do our best to assist you by providing our materials at a greatly reduced price or even free.


For those who CAN afford our materials:

If those who can pay more for materials would you consider making an additional tax deductible contribution to Resurrection Ministries to enable us to continue our work among those who are really in need. We freely allow those who are in real hardship to copy these resources without charge.


Don't Steal

“Do not steal.” Leviticus 19:11. It is unlawful to reproduce these files or copy this material in any form without express written permission from the publisher.


There is a copyright law which as good citizens of the Kingdom of God and the country we live in, we are all obliged to follow righteously and with due honor.


To the unprincipled believers who copy without permission and who are not in hardship ... this is theft. You are stealing primarily from the very people we seek to help. We forgive you for this and would respectfully ask that you become our supporters in the Kingdom. We have much to do and we need to do it together. We want you to reap what you sow, for the sake of the King and His Kingdom.